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Join Porter Tree Services for the Maryland Home and Garden Show!

Porter Tree Services is excited to be attending the Maryland Home and Garden Show on March 5 through 6 and 11 through 13! The Maryland Home and Garden Show features vendors and exhibitors from several industries that cater to creating the most artful home, inside and out. You can explore landscaping, home improvement, and gardening vendors

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Why Do Trees Need Bark?

Bark is the outermost covering of a tree’s trunk and branches, like a protective skin. Tree bark conserves water and also serves to protect the tree’s essential living systems from environmental and situational dangers. These include temperature extremes, storms, attacks by animals, diseases, and insects. Some trees even have developed extra thick bark which can protect them

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4 More Trees to Never Plant in Your Yard

Spring is nearly here, and that means tree-planting season is almost upon us! You may be thinking about planting a new tree in your front yard to provide shade and curb appeal. However, there are a few trees that will provide more frustrations than relaxation. We picked our top four trees to avoid planting in your yard in

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What is Limewashing?

As spring approaches and temperatures rise, many begin to plant new trees. You may notice new and old trees alike with bright white bases. Why are they colored this way? The answer is that they are being limewashed. Limewash, or whitewash, is a mixture consisting of hydrated lime, water, and salt, or simply water-based white paint and water,

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A Tree is the Earth’s Biggest Living Organism

When asked what the earth’s biggest organism is, you may have thought of a whale or a giant squid. However, the correct answer is surprising: it’s a quaking aspen tree! Actually, it’s several trees that are clones of the same mother tree and all connected by the root system. That’s right, it’s an entire forest

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Why Does Tree Bark Crack?

A few weeks ago, we talked about the importance of tree bark in protecting the interior tissues of tree branches and trunks. Bark protects a tree in much the same way our skin protects our veins, muscles, and nerves. That is to say, when bark begins to crack, it can be bad news for the

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