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Maryland Weather: How Does It Lead to Tree Damages?

From Baltimore to Fallston to Bel Air and everywhere in between, people in Maryland know how unpredictable the weather can be, particularly over the course of the summer. Thunder storms and hurricanes are especially common during this time of year, and these kinds of storm systems can lead to extensive property damage, including downing trees

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Boosting Your Curb Appeal with Commercial Tree Services

Business owners everywhere know that the visual appearance of their commercial property is every bit as important as the quality of the products they sell. The exterior of your storefront will either welcome potential customers or drive them away, and which one it does depends entirely on how well-maintained your grounds are. If, for instance,

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Tree Trimming in Time for An Open House

Homeowners who are putting their house on the market know the importance of curb appeal. Though we’ve always been told not to judge books by their covers, we nevertheless do end up placing a lot of value on the physical appearance of things, and when it comes to finding the right strategies to sell your

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Emergency Tree Removal After Summer Storms

Summer storms can be a welcome relief from the heat, but what happens when all that wind and lightning wreaks havoc on your trees? Branches can break and fall, and entire trees can even collapse and damage your house, car, or anything else in their paths. If you require emergency tree removal this summer, Porter

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How to Spot a Dangerous Tree

As a property owner, of course you want to keep your property looking its best. This should include the trees on your property as well! However, sometimes it can be difficult for an inexperienced eye to tell when a tree isn’t at its peak health. Occasionally a mature, healthy tree can succumb to a summer

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Why Should I Plant a Tree on My Home Property?

With our talk of dangerous trees last week, you may now be wondering if it’s even worth the risk of having trees on your property at all. Yes, trees can certainly cause their share of problems when they fall or become damaged, usually during a storm, but did you know that when cared for and maintained properly,

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